Generate passive income with alternative investments

Diversify your portfolio with investments starting at $20,000

We are WOODALL ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD, an investment company with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies that oversees over $700 million across three venture funds and four cryptocurrency hedge funds. Accredited investors seeking to invest $100,000 or more in digital assets or blockchain-based businesses may access our funds.

We recognize that blockchain and cryptocurrencies may be difficult and challenging new technologies since we are experts in these fields. That is why we only concentrate on this region. In contrast to conventional investments, understanding the underlying technology is essential for making wise investment choices.

Our team enjoys analyzing blockchain's fundamentals and continuously learning about its shifting intricacies. We are committed to financially supporting the development of blockchain technology and advancing its inclusive, impartial, and fair social effects.

We are thrilled to be a part of blockchain because we think it offers our society one of its most exciting chances in decades or possibly generations. Please get in touch if you're interested in finding out more about blockchain and its foundations. We'd be pleased to discuss our viewpoint on this ground-breaking technology.

Why you should invest in Cryptocurrency with WOODALL ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD?


Typically low stock market correlation

The durations available for investment range from one week to one year, offering flexibility to investors.


Short durations and low minimums

You can access a diverse range of exclusive asset classes that are not commonly available in traditional investments.


Backed by collateral

Your investments are supported by underlying assets that provide a safeguard to your initial investment amount.

Your frequently asked questions, answered.

This sounds too good to be true, is this real?

WOODALL ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD has been in business since 1955 and has a community of over 225,000 members who look to alternative investments as a way to diversify their investment portfolios outside of the stock market.
To date, WOODALL ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD has returned over $600 million in principal and interest payments to our investors.
WOODALL ASSETS MANAGEMENT LTD has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Hedgeweek, and Cheddar, just to name a few.

How does this work? What can I invest in?

How often do I get paid?

Our offerings typically have predefined payment schedules, (i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly payments), while other investments will distribute interest and principal based on the occurrence of certain events, such as a case settlement event within a legal finance investment.
The anticipated payment schedule is always outlined on the offering page of the investment offering documentation as well as the Investment Memorandum.

What sort of yields can I expect?

Historically, target yields have been in the 5%-15% range but will vary depending on the specific investment opportunity.